Tag: Paragliding

  • Paracuda walk & fly

    In the Paracuda paragliding club, we distribute the organization of the events among the members. So I agreed to organize a “walk n fly” event in October. Usually pilots go up with a cablecar to go flying. This saves us from having to carry the equipment for too far. But for people that want to […]

  • celebrating 2’000 flights

    Last week, I didn’t even realize that I completed my two thousand’th flight. Only when I updated my flight log book, I found out. I knew that I’m close, but that day I did lots of short speed flights, and one of them was the one. For the first one thousand flights I needed only […]

  • Lauchernalp Speedflying

    During our family ski holiday last week, I went one day to my favourite speedflying location: the Lauchernalp in the Lötschental. Enjoy the footage:

  • Chiemsee Holiday

    Like for most people around here, summer holidays for us usually means going south. And that is what we usually did in the past. This year, we wanted something new. The countries north of Switzerland were unexplored territory for us in regards of holiday destinations. We had ideas to go to the netherlands, Belgium or […]

  • Wallis Ski Holiday

    Last week we spent a ski holiday in the Wallis. We stayed with Mirella’s mother. Most days we went to Bürchen to practice skiing with Levin, and have some sledge rides with Noah. Levin went to the ski school for half a day, but he didn’t like it at all. He preferred being taught by […]

  • Skiweekend in Hasliberg

    Last weekend I was in Hasliberg wih the ski club “Schneefreaks” from Steinhausen. They booked two full days of tandem flights. So I did ten flights with skis and two with snow board. The weather was almost perfect and so was the snow.

  • Pilot 4 a day with a Jaguar driver

    Every once in a while I get to do a pilot for a day. That’s our premium offer at paraeasy.ch, and admittedly the most fun to do. Depending on the weather we either do a cross country flight or multiple flights from various mountains. This time, the weather looked promising, but not good enough for […]

  • Speedflying in Andermatt

    Finally we have snow, good weather and I could take a day off. So, I went to Andermatt, my favorite ski resort. I had the intention to do speedflying, paragliding and skiing, all on the same day. It was wonderfull! But see for yourself …

  • Schächental GoPro Fotos

    Yesterday I waited for the fog to disappear as predicted, but it didn’t happen. So today we went to Unterschächen in Uri where there is very seldom fog. When we arrived, I saw that WinWings were there just ready to dirve to take off. Sure enough they had a place left for me in the […]

  • Accepting BitCoin

    As of today, we accept BitCoin as payment method for our tandem flights at paraeasy.ch BitCoin is a decentralized online currency. It was in the news lately. While banks and politicians made it sound bad, it’s actually a great experiment. True, it has some shortcomings, but these shouldn’t bother us for the next couple of […]