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  • Two decades of paragliding

    According to my flight log book, it was the first of April 2002 when I had my first flight on a paraglider as pilot in control. Prior to that I did a tandem flight as the passenger and a few days at the training hill. Of course it all started much earlier. I wanted to […]

  • a decade of accepting Bitcoin for paragliding

    Today marks the 10th anniversary of an important blog post. It was the announcement that I started accepting Bitcoin for paragliding tandem flights. I had interest in the nascent internet currency for a couple of months prior to that. And I felt that what was missing were places where people could spend their coins. Only […]

  • My most special RunAndFly

    After I wrote the article for the SwissGlider magazine about my RunAndFly adventures, I thought that I should have written also about the most special of them. It happened last autumn, but I will write about it now anyway half a year later. It was a Saturday in September. The alarm clock rang as usual […]

  • Flying AdHoc Network

    The first time I heard about FANET was at a gathering of some paragliding friends last year. They mentioned that they can display each others position on their flight computers. While that sounds cool, I don’t often get to fly cross country any more. Thus this feature was not of particular interest to me. Then […]

  • How I wrecked the new glider by flying into a cable

    We went skiing to Stoos lately. From time to time I went up to the Fronalpstock with the kids. Every time we were up there, I checked the conditions for paragliding. Every time, the wind was blowing from the back. Not very strong, but if it is from the wrong direction, it can be too […]

  • Run and fly with the XXLite2

    Before I participated in the rollibock trophy in Fiesch last October, I thought my paraglider equipment was fairly lightweight. The glider is a regular Mac Para Marvel, but the Advance Lightness 2 harness is optimized for weight as the name implies, as well as the accompanying backpack. With helmet, gloves, sun glasses, flight computer and […]

  • Hike and Fly the “Kleiner Mythen”

    I used to hike the smaller Mythen at least once a year with a paraglider on the back to fly down. Usually i took the Chaemi route which involves some light climbing. Many times I saw mountain goats, and once I slept near the top. Last year I didn’t make it, so I wanted to […]

  • The legacy banks in Switzerland

    Transaction costs I have a separate bank account for my tandem flying hobby at the local bank where I live. I didn’t want a plastic card for it, and setting up online banking turned out to be too complicated. So I pay a CHF 3.00 fee for every withdrawal at the counter. That is, if […]

  • Winter is not over yet

    Once more I was lucky, picking the perfect day to go speedflying in Andermatt. I could complete a couple of flighs like the following one: click here for a screen filling version Your browser does not support the video tag.

  • Winter wonderland

    I picked a marvellous day to go speedflying in Andermatt. See for yourself: