Accepting BitCoin

As of today, we accept BitCoin as payment method for our tandem flights at

BitCoin is a decentralized online currency. It was in the news lately. While banks and politicians made it sound bad, it’s actually a great experiment. True, it has some shortcomings, but these shouldn’t bother us for the next couple of years.

If you want to learn more about BitCoin, check out these podcasts:



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  1. […] Since July 2011, I accept BitCoins as payment for the paragliding tandem flights. In fact only one guy payed that way so far. In October 2011 the flight cost 75 BTC at a rate of less than CHF 3 per BTC. If I still had those 75 BTC, they would be worth a whopping CHF 7’500 today. I was thrilled last august, when it had an 80% increase within two weeks. But what happened this year was just insane. The price went from CHF 11 to CHF 110 in just four months. There were weeks with 10 to 15% increase every day. […]

  2. […] marks the 10th anniversary of an important blog post. It was the announcement that I started accepting Bitcoin for paragliding tandem flights. I had […]

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