Pilot 4 a day with a Jaguar driver

Every once in a while I get to do a pilot for a day. That’s our premium offer at paraeasy.ch, and admittedly the most fun to do. Depending on the weather we either do a cross country flight or multiple flights from various mountains. This time, the weather looked promising, but not good enough for cross country. So we set out to do the first flight early from the Rigi. Christoph, todays passenger came with a beautiful Jaguar E-Type, and he is also member of the Jaguar Driver’s Club. The residual cloud cover that should disappear quickly in the morning was lower and more durable than was predicted. So we spent more than an hour para-waiting in the fog. When the fog finally lifted, we had a nice flight with some weak thermals and a couple of tight circles down to Goldau.

After having lunch on a lakeview terrace in Lauerz, we drove with our two Jaguars to Brunnen. Then we headed to the Fronalpstock. From the main takeoff, we followed the ski slope down to Stoos, flying along the rock cliffs to the alp above Morschach. Next, I took course straight to Brunnen and with lots of excess altitude, we floated around and did some sightseeing. The smooth landing was on the Auslandschweizerplatz, one of my favorite landing zones, near to the lake front.

For the third flight I came up with something very special. With the steam boat we crossed the lake, and took the bus and cablecar to the Niederbauen. Like on the other mountains before, the view was marvelous. Sadly, the wind at takeoff had an unusually suboptimal direction, hence I was not certain if we really could cross the lake. We took off, and heading towards Seelisberg town I grew more and more confident that we would make it. Along the rock cliffs of the Seelisberg mountain we soared with the birds, making ground without loosing altitude. Above the lake, we did another photo session, and we even had enough altitude left to fly to the Auslandschweizerplatz.







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