Weatherstation problem

The plan was to build a mobile weather station with an arduino, two old windspeed sensors from the local paragliding school, a temperature sensor, a solar panel and an old cellphone.

As the first part I wanted to read the anemometers. I got them for a bargain from Touch&Go. Only I couldn’t figure out how to read them. It was no simple switch, so I suspected a hall effect sensor. From Flytec I got a schematic how to make the circuit. On the breadboard it worked immediately, but on the PCB, I got no readings. After a bit of measuring and thinking, I added two more resistors, to have the oscillating voltage pass the reference voltage.

Next, I started to calculate the wind direction from the two sensors for X and Y direction. Only then I realized that the windspeed alone is not enough. I would need a sign (+ or -) meaning if the wind blows from the front or back through the sensor. With only the speed I know only the angle but not which quadrant. And the quadrant is actually more important than the angle for me.

Ideas are welcome…

Arduino proto board



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  1. […] must have been there for 15 years, and two LM393N comparators which I ordered in excess for the WeatherStation project. For the prototype I’ll use an Arduino with a proto-breadboard. I can still use something […]

  2. Mayeric Avatar

    I have been looking for some time to understand how to interface typical Flytech/Brauniger speed sensor to a small electronic set-up. Would it be possible for you to share whatever information you have on the interface, and better the schematics on how to interface it with eg. an arduino or Raspberry Pi ?

    1. ulrichard Avatar

      sorry for the delay. After I upgraded my server last month, the spam filter on my blog was broken. During this period, it accumulated over 60’000 comments to be moderated.
      The schematic I got from Flytec is at :
      I will also send you my project files (Arduino and Fritzing) to your email address.

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