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Targeted advertising

It was about two months ago when I first noticed an advertisement on some random web page that contained an image of a vintage Jaguar XJS. It was not exactly the same model as I have, but very close. Judging form the bumpers and trims it also seems to be a HE (High Efficiency), as … Continue reading »

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veteran at last

Today my Jaguar XJS finally gained veteran status. That means it is now officially recognized by the Swiss authorities as an oldtimer car. This in turn means lower taxes and insurance, but comes with the requirement to not drive more than 3’000km per year. Also the rate of technical examinations changes from 2 to 6 … Continue reading »

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an ultrabook for developers

My old netbook still runs, but it shows signs of senility. I have been thinking of a replacement for a while, but as it still worked, that was constantly postponed. When I first read about project sputnik, I thought this is great news and I want one. The device that followed looked very nice, but … Continue reading »

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The most beautiful car ever built

I usually don’t write about books I read, or even reviews. So, this is a rare occasion, but it’s also a type of book that I only rarely read. Usually I just give ratings on goodreads. This book is about the Jaguar XJ13.  Now, beauty is a matter of taste, so you’re free to disagree, … Continue reading »

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RaspberryPi reading analog input using an AtTiny through i2c

The raspberrypi has some GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins. That’s great for experimenting with electronics for example sensors and actuators. It’s totally different than an Arduino in many respects, but that’s something they have in common. Some of the pins have special functions. For example SPI, I2C, UART … There is a breakboard adapter … Continue reading »

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Harley Davidson gathering in Brunnen

This weekend was Harley Davidson gathering here in Brunnen. I’m not so much into motorcycles, but I saw some incredibly cool looking bikes. There were a lot of bikes from all over Switzerland, as well as lots from the surrounding countries, and I even saw a bike with a Russian number plate. Saturday they had … Continue reading »

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Today early morning I sat in front of my desk, when I suddenly felt everything slightly moving. Robert who sits next to me felt it as well, but most of the others in the office didn’t. Last time I sensed an earthquake was in 2007 on our South America camper trip in Argentina . Unbelievable … Continue reading »

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Helicopter flight around the Jungfrau

For my last birthday I got a helicopter flight, and now I wanted to make that flight before the gift certificate expires.Takeoff was in Gstegwiler near Interlaken, from where we slowly ascended passing the Männlichen to the Eiger north face. The ascend was with a constant 4 m/s climb rate, and I was not too … Continue reading »

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