Creating proof of reserves for an Electrum wallet

In my last post I promised to write about how you can produce a “proof of reserves” for your own wallet including hardware wallets. So, here we go. First you need an electrum multisig wallet that involves at least one hardware wallet. I won’t go into the details of how to construct this. Recently I… Continue reading Creating proof of reserves for an Electrum wallet

Proof of Reserves

As part of my work at SEBA Bank, I recently implemented a “Proof of Reserves” feature for our cold storage. The idea behind “Proof of Reserves” is that custodial businesses holding cryptocurrency should create attestations as to their reserves. Essentially proofing that they indeed hold, and have control over the coins that customers deposited. We… Continue reading Proof of Reserves

Blaming the healthy

More and more often I hear claims that the unvaccinated occupy beds in hospitals and shall somehow be solely responsible for spreading the virus. In reality 3% of hospital beds are currently occupied by Covid patients, and about half of them are fully vaccinated. 22% of beds in the supposedly overcrowded hospitals are empty. In… Continue reading Blaming the healthy

A decade of blogging

Yesterday it was exactly ten years ago, when I published the first post on my personal blog. Before that, I kind of blogged on the old, old version of ParaEasy about flying adventures. For our adventure in South America, we wrote our diary on a manually edited html page. On my personal blog, I still write… Continue reading A decade of blogging

Bye bye Jaguar

In my former Job, I visited customers from time to time. One day in 2001 on a parking lot across the street of a customer, I saw a gorgeous Jaguar XJ. It was from the second series, painted in British racing green and had a vinyl roof. It didn’t have a price tag, and I… Continue reading Bye bye Jaguar

Driving the Tesla

It is now almost three months and 7’000 kilometers. So I thought, I write a small review for my Tesla S85. Silence The immediate most notable difference when driving an electric car is the absence of the engine noise. People who drive big engine gasoline cars often assure how essential this is to their driving… Continue reading Driving the Tesla