A decade of blogging

Yesterday it was exactly ten years ago, when I published the first post on my personal blog. Before that, I kind of blogged on the old, old version of ParaEasy about flying adventures. For our adventure in South America, we wrote our diary on a manually edited html page.
On my personal blog, I still write about paragliding, but also about Bitcoin, Tesla, electronics projects, software development, work and holidays. Whatever I deem interesting enough to write about and preserve for a couple of years. Over these years, I published 193 posts, and left 6 drafts unfinished. My first post a decade ago was about a handheld spectrum analyzer for the 2.4 GHz ISM band. That device is still running every day on my desk at work. The display lost a line or two at the bottom, but that doesn’t hurt the functionality much. And only recently I used part of the code again for another project.
The post that is probably read the most, judging by the number of comments, is about resetting my favorite Logitech keyboard. It helped countless people who had the same problem with their keyboards.
I don’t track visitors on principle. So I don’t know how many people visit the page and what articles they read. One time a company approached me with an offer to put advertisements on my blog. But it was very vague, and since I assumed that they would want to track my visitors, I didn’t answer. The blog is not for making money, and I don’t think my posts are interesting enough for lots of people that it would be worth wile for advertising anyway.
The page ran on WordPress from the start and it still is. For the first couple of years it was hosted on an Alix and for the last couple of years it has been on a NUC. There was also another computer in between that I can’t quite remember the specs. They all ran Debian or Ubuntu and served the pages with Apache.
For the last four years I have mirrored the new posts also on my blog on ZeroNet.






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  1. Keith Avatar

    Hello, I bought the Logitech K810 ahead of it’s time.
    I think my life needs it back now and I’m trying to get it to work with Windows 10 but it keeps saying the PIN didn’t work on my two PC’s I want it to work with. iOS works fine, it doesn’t ask for a PIN. Any tips? Thanks.

    1. ulrichard Avatar

      Nice that you were able to solve it yourself, by pressing enter at the end.

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