Resetting the Logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard

The Logitech K810 has been my favorite keyboard for many years. I have one at home and one in the office. It allows to easily switch between 3 different devices. It has the same size and layout as most notebooks, is stylish, and a blast to type.
But one day about a year ago something strange happened. When I wanted to type a ‘\’ I got nothing. When I wanted to type a ‘<‘, I would get a ‘§’. When I wanted to type a ‘>’, I would get a ‘°’. And vice versa. So, effectively two keys were swapped. This was only on the Windows workstation in the office. When I switched the keyboard to the Linux notebook or to the phone, all keys were correct. It also never happened at home.
At first I thought this was a joke by my co-workers. So I tried everything on the windows machine: un-pairing and re-pairing. Scanning the registry for uncommon key mappings. Nothing helped until I found a page that described how to perform a factory reset on the keyboard. The problem was solved, but only for a year. Last week when I came to work after the weekend, the very same keys were swapped again. Finding the page with the reset instructions was more difficult than I remembered. It was not freely available, but only after logging in on the Logitech support page. That is why I want to preserve it here, in case it happens again to me or anybody else:

  • un-pair and remove the keyboard from the bluetooth settings on your pc
  • reset your keyboard: with keyboard on and unpaired from any device, press the following key sequence:
  • “Escape”, “o”,“Escape”, “o”,“Escape”, “b”
  • if the reset is accepted the lights on top of your K810 will blink for a second
  • reconnect your K810 to your pc and test it on other devices if possible.

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  1. Thank you, somehow i came across this post and it helped me get my K810 back to normal, was driving me made, i had ripped out the bluetooth, blueman, bluez etc, adjusted my memory settings incase my small overclock had corrupted something and generally started tearing my hair out ! So thank you once again, this was very helpful

  2. Hi Richi,

    Currently I have the same issue, but I haven’t been able to solve it with your instructions. Right now:
    If I hit “f” I get nothing.
    If I hit “z” I get “zf”
    If I hit “o” I get “o,”
    And so on with other keys…

    Can you let me right sequence to for pressing the “Esc”, “o” and “b” keys? I found the explanation for another keyboard model and it is: Esc + O at the same time, twice, and then Esc + B at the same time, but nothing happens.

    Your help will be appreciated.

  3. Aw, this is awesome – thanks so much for posting this! I actually had a new keyboard in my Amazon Cart because I figured this one had finally cracked after 4+ years!

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