Blaming the healthy

More and more often I hear claims that the unvaccinated occupy beds in hospitals and shall somehow be solely responsible for spreading the virus. In reality 3% of hospital beds are currently occupied by Covid patients, and about half of them are fully vaccinated. 22% of beds in the supposedly overcrowded hospitals are empty. In addition, the healthy unvaccinated are excluded from going inside restaurants, museums, fitness centers and concerts. All while the vaxxed don’t need to test, nor wear face masks while going to those venues. It is no secret and never was, that the vaccine is no protection against spreading the virus, but merely against severe illness. Against all knowledge and facts, the pressure rises all the time to volunteer in the human trial of this experimental vaccine. Some say they take the vaccine not for themselves, but in the name of solidarity and they seek to pressure this onto others. So far, most people who took the vaccine, were coerced because they wanted to go to restaurants and clubs again.

I am not against the vaccine at all. I had many vaccinations in my live. But these were against illnesses that could harm me severely, and they were not experimental. I am not worried that I would be severely affected by Covid19. There are many factors to this. I am not elderly, I’m not obese and I don’t smoke. Instead I feel very healthy, I do sports, eat healthy and I make sure to have enough vitamin D. The unvaxxed people of more than 70 years in my family reported their infection to be about twice as bad as a regular flu. Hence also the genetic part is in the green. I understand and encourage everybody who is at risk by Covid to take the vaccine. It is a risk reward calculation that is different for every person. And everybody has to do it for himself. No, I don’t think that I would suffer badly from the vaccine, but “fact checkers” in mainstream media don’t really help in making an informed decision. In fact I see the risk of severe side effects as higher than from a Covid infection multiplied by the probability of getting infected by Covid. That is getting infected despite wearing a mask, social distancing and being banned from restaurants and public swimming pools. I also fully respect the decision to take the jab to participate in the social live again or for going to the gym. But what I don’t condone is, when people want to force others.

Of course I understand that people want something in return for surrendering their body to a science experiment. They get the peace of mind that the illness would most probably be less severe. That should be enough IMHO. But letting them spread the virus without restrictions, and then blame it on the healthy … aehm unvaccinated goes too far.

People who resisted all the propaganda, all the pressure, all the frequently changing narratives, all the shaming and all that fabricated guilt, must be pretty confident in our own health. We are most likely the kind of people who never in our live exhausted the health insurance franchise, and who never in our lives slept in a hospital bed. We in fact spent a lifetime paying other peoples medical bills, while keeping our selves healthy with foresight. And because we want to stay healthy, we are now portrayed as a burden to society. Is this really how solidarity works? I often hear that unvaccinated should pay their medical bills themselves or not be allowed to hospitals. Is this really how solidarity works? We pay your medical bills all live long, and when one of us needs something you want to deny it? Some even say that unvaccinated people should be banned from buying food, and starve to death. I fail to find words for that.

It would be nice if people, despite all the fear mongering, could respect basic human rights again such as those from the Nuremberg Code. So far I understood the power over your own body as one of the foundations of our society, as well as a basic human right. If people want to abandon the integrity and self determination over your own body, then we have to think very well about where to draw the line. Otherwise it could end up legitimizing rape, human trafficking and involuntary organ trade.

A lot of this ongoing drama reminds me of Idiocracy






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