Resetting the Logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard

The Logitech K810 has been my favorite keyboard for many years. I have one at home and one in the office. It allows to easily switch between 3 different devices. It has the same size and layout as most notebooks, is stylish, and a blast to type.
But one day about a year ago something strange happened. When I wanted to type a ‘\’ I got nothing. When I wanted to type a ‘<‘, I would get a ‘§’. When I wanted to type a ‘>’, I would get a ‘°’. And vice versa. So, effectively two keys were swapped. This was only on the Windows workstation in the office. When I switched the keyboard to the Linux notebook or to the phone, all keys were correct. It also never happened at home.
At first I thought this was a joke by my co-workers. So I tried everything on the windows machine: un-pairing and re-pairing. Scanning the registry for uncommon key mappings. Nothing helped until I found a page that described how to perform a factory reset on the keyboard. The problem was solved, but only for a year. Last week when I came to work after the weekend, the very same keys were swapped again. Finding the page with the reset instructions was more difficult than I remembered. It was not freely available, but only after logging in on the Logitech support page. That is why I want to preserve it here, in case it happens again to me or anybody else:

  • un-pair and remove the keyboard from the bluetooth settings on your pc
  • reset your keyboard: with keyboard on and unpaired from any device, press the following key sequence:
  • “Escape”, “o”,“Escape”, “o”,“Escape”, “b”
  • if the reset is accepted the lights on top of your K810 will blink for a second
  • reconnect your K810 to your pc and test it on other devices if possible.


  1. Thank you, somehow i came across this post and it helped me get my K810 back to normal, was driving me made, i had ripped out the bluetooth, blueman, bluez etc, adjusted my memory settings incase my small overclock had corrupted something and generally started tearing my hair out ! So thank you once again, this was very helpful

  2. Hi Richi,

    Currently I have the same issue, but I haven’t been able to solve it with your instructions. Right now:
    If I hit “f” I get nothing.
    If I hit “z” I get “zf”
    If I hit “o” I get “o,”
    And so on with other keys…

    Can you let me right sequence to for pressing the “Esc”, “o” and “b” keys? I found the explanation for another keyboard model and it is: Esc + O at the same time, twice, and then Esc + B at the same time, but nothing happens.

    Your help will be appreciated.

        1. In Ubuntu, click the Bluetooth icon at the top bar.
          Then bluetooth-settings.
          Select your device, and then just click the “-” (minus) button.

  3. I’m glad I didn’t had to search trough the logitech help to find out how to reset my k810.

  4. Aw, this is awesome – thanks so much for posting this! I actually had a new keyboard in my Amazon Cart because I figured this one had finally cracked after 4+ years!

  5. Thank you!!!
    “Escape”, “o”,“Escape”, “o”,“Escape”, “b” It works perfect

  6. Thanks so much for posting this solution, I was stumped and now my keyboard is working again.

  7. This worked like a charm to reset my Logitech K375s. But the question to the article writer is how he could get this top secret sequence of keys for resetting the keyboard?

  8. Brilliant, thanks.
    Been having ` and \ swapped for days now!

    My sanity is restored, and my typing rate 🙂

  9. Hello Ulrichard,

    I just want to thank you for your contribution. The method worked perfectly in my case. The “p”, “b” and “F1” had stopped working or had some strange reaction like shutting down the document I was working on etc. I was about to throw the keyboard away, because I thought I had damaged it mechanically somehow unwittingly. But it works again as normal thanks to your description.

    I can just say to all for whom it didn’t work yet, make sure to unpair with absolutely all possible devices, if necessary switch them all off. Then hit the keys in the sequence given in Ulrichard’s description one after the other, not two at the same time, which I also tried in the beginning. And while you are hitting the keys, watch the three LEDs at the upper left of the keyboard closely, they are going to blink for less than a second actually, which can be overlooked.

  10. It’s not working for me. With my K810 numerous keys have stopped working which include the ‘o’ and ‘b’ buttons. I wonder if that is why this reset is not working for me? Not sure what else to do. It’s a really good keyboard and not cheap either. Definitely don’t want to replace. Anyone have any suggestions?

    1. Looks like a tough one. If the keys don’t work at all, it might be a hardware problem. Before you throw it away, you could open it, and disconnect the battery for a few days.

  11. Thanks! It also worked on my K830 TV keyboard, which lost its brain when switching between Bluetooth and the Unifying receiver.

    The big question is: Why doesn’t Logitech publish this in the FAQs of the K830 TV ???


  12. Thanks a lot – this definitely helped a ton with reconnecting my keyboard (it’s definitely one of my favourite keyboards as well even as of 2018!)

  13. Thanks. Reset worked! Solved problem of letter “k” not working for me. (Though quirkily, with emails, works in the message field but still doesn’t work when typing subject line and email address. No probs, just copy and paste. )
    Incidentally, a year ago keyboard started typing gobbly gook. Managed to drain the battery. That worked too. Must have rebooted device.

  14. Thank you so much! I had the exact same switch as you did, but on Linux. The reset restored both the keyboard and my sanity.

  15. Here Here!

    fixed my problem!
    logitech’s help page was miserable about this, especially considering the amount of people you seem to have helped here,

    Have the page bookmarked now!

  16. THANK YOU!!! I tried everything and my keyboard is finally back to normal!

  17. Thank you! this reset sequence worked on my K600. I’d stuffed up the initial setup of my new K600, used the reset sequence to clear everything out (after first turning off bluetooth on the ‘previously’ paired devices).

  18. Thanks for this trick. It works, but unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem with the keys Enter, Down and right Shift. I don’t even if it is possible to a repair service to repaire it. I’ll try leaving it without the battery for a few days to see if that helps.

  19. I found another method the get the keys back to normal, but it is probably less reliable.
    I cleaned the keyboard with this slimy product that you roll over the keyboard back and forth.
    Because I have to run every time I switch off the keyboard, I left it running.
    Miraculously after rolling around the slimy for a while, they keys work correctly again, but the bluetooth binding position also changed. The computer was bound to F1 before and is at F3 now.

  20. Richi:


    I restored my Win10 and the keyboard was not pairing anymore. After executing that command worth of an MK Fatality, the keyboard started pairing again.

    YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!! This is not on Reddit, not on Logitech and not even in the MANUAL! I don’t know where did you got this RESTORE CODE but it saved my life!!


  21. Escape sequence worked also on a k375s.
    Been trying on logitech website and other things for hours before finding this pearl.
    Thank you !

  22. Hi Richi,
    unfortunately my Esc key is one of the keys not responding. Is there a way to get around this?

    thank you,

    1. Hi AJ.
      I’m sorry, I can’t help yo with that. For me it was always two keys that were swapped. So I just had to press the opposite key to get what I wanted.

  23. Woohoo!

    I was on the verge of buying a new keyboard, my \ and ` keys were swapped, a nightmare for a software developer!

    I can’t believe this info is so well hidden by Logitech.


  24. Thank you for having this here!

    Posting to say that this worked on my K811 easy-switch keyboard.

    Instead of unpairing, I just long-pressed the pairing button so that the keyboard would switch to pairing (all lights flashing) mode.

  25. You should accept donations !

    It saves money and trouble ! Works with K-375s and I wonder why Logitech do nothing about it! .
    Muchas gracias !!!

    1. Hi Roberto,
      nice that this post helped another keyboard.
      Donations are always welcome to:

  26. I’m guessing this works on the Logitech family as I had total freeze on my K830 and it worked. Thanks!

  27. Also just wanted to say thank you. This worked on my MX Keys for Mac keyboard after it froze. Why Logitech can’t make this info more accessible is beyond me. Thanks again!

  28. Thanks. I love this keyboard for the small size & back-lit keys. Unfortunately, it appears to be discontinued. Any that can be found now are 3-4 x the original price or are used. I recently paired it with another PC. After reconnecting to the original PC the repeating keys issue appeared. I stumbled on this post & applied the reset method. Solved. Much appreciated.

  29. Hi All, This set me on the right path but didn’t work for me.
    I came across another webpage which recommended
    Home+O, Home+0, Home+B, Home+B, (ie. pressed as combinations) then turn keyboard off and on.
    This didn’t work, though, until I turned off all my devices (after already unpairing them from the keyboard) AND disconnected the keyboard from the charging cable. THEN it worked.

    1. Thank you Richi . Yay Logitech K810.
      I lost all keys, the K810 showed as connected in BT but no key strokes appeared on the PC. The BT keys to swap devices did not respond on the keyboard. The on-off slider seemed to work. I tried the ESC o ESC o ESC b a couple of times, to no avail …

      This did work, taking a tip from Christine’s comment: I unplugged the charging cable, and then did a power off/on with the slider switch. Then ESC o ESC o ESC b worked, with a clear flash to indicate success. “Add bluetooth device” on the PC, and the K810 is working correctly. Much thanks Richi, all.

  30. Thanks you so much for sharing…. this post saved me from going bananas. I didn’t have the same problem but it surely solved the one I had by reseting.
    Thanks again!

  31. Thanks for this. I was typing, and the keyboard stopped midway through. Unpaired, and couldn’t re-pair. Tried the above solution but it didn’t seem to do anything including making the lights flash. I solved it by re-trying that and re-pairing, turning things on and off, and trying every variation of doing those types of things. What seemed to work best was un-pairing, turning off keyboard, keeping the pair button pressed while turning back on, then continuing to try and pair. Ended up working about 45 minutes through the process of doing these types of steps.

  32. Hi, i’m having the same issue all the split keys seem to have swapped. ” is now @ etc. on my K850 keyboard.

    i’m using the logitech unifying receiver to connect the keyboard to my work computer… so don’t think i can unpair/re-pair.

    Any advice here? driving me insane!

    thanks in advance.

  33. I solved my inability to pair the K810 with Windows 10 by striking the Enter key after typing the PIN. It didn’t say to do that anywhere but that was the ticket.

  34. You star! Was already looking for a new keyboard as this issue seemed to persist no matter what device I was using. And I love my K810!

  35. Hello, trying to reset my K810, but I cannot find these keys on my keyboard “o”, I know the Escape button is the top left button on the keyboard but I’m lost with these other keys €œoâ€

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