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  • Saving our holiday at the last moment

    We were late this year with planning our holiday. We discussed a couple of options, but were always too busy to look at them more closely. By end of June, less than a month before embarking, I finally booked an apartment in Tossa de mar at the costa brava in Spain. We spent our honeymoon […]

  • It sucks when you realize that a big established company is trying to scam you

    Last February I drove my car backwards into a pole. The bumper sure needed to be replaced, but the rest I thought could be put back into place. First I went to the Tesla service center. Since Tesla doesn’t have body shops, they sent me to AMAG. The guy at AMAG who handled my case, […]

  • My wive has a car now

    We are going to move soon. Since our new home is not as close to the supermarket, train station and school, my wive also needs a car. She wanted a very small and cheap one, but with at least four seats. For the whole family it was quite clear that it can’t be one that […]

  • Could somebody please compete with Tesla

    I am a Tesla fan boy. The first stock I ever bought was TSLA. And it is still my second biggest position after Bitcoin. So, of course I am delighted by the recent rally. But speculation was never the primary motivation. I only buy stocks or cryptos, if I see a benefit to our society […]

  • Technical inspection with the Tesla

    Cars have to go to the technical inspection every second year in Switzerland. New ones are exempt from this for the first five years. Now that my Model S is closing in on becoming six years old next month, I got the invitation to bring it in for inspection. Usually with my old ICE cars, […]

  • Driving around the adriatic sea

    This years summer holiday we spent in Korfu, Greece. At first we talked about Croatia, when somebody came up with the idea to go farther south to Greece. Lets begin with the important facts. This time not as accurate as for the trip to Norway, since I deactivated app access a while ago, which allowed […]

  • Energy consumption vs time saving

    There is a construction site at the feeway exit for my work place. Because of that, it takes about ten minutes more to commute. That triggered me to drive along the other site of lake Zug. It is the shorter route. But since it is a small road that goes through all the villages, it […]

  • Generating solar electricity at home

    After I switched to an electric car, I started to care much more about where the energy we consume comes from. With petrol and diesel you don’t really have that option. We are in a comfortable situation that we have some small hydro electric dams nearby. Thus all the electricity we use at home and […]

  • Charging at a strangers house

    We spent the last week in an alpine Chalet and had to leave the car in a public parking halfway down the mountain. Upon arrival, the battery was down to 20% SOC. I read that leaving it below 20% or above 80% for extended periods of time was not too healthy. So I asked at […]

  • Spending Bitcoin while charging the car

    When I go some place new, I always check out what Bitcoin accepting venues there are. I usually try to prioritize shops that accept crypto currency. When I drive some place far away, I have to charge the car on the way. No big deal, usually I can eat, drink or go to the toilet. […]