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  • Winter is not over yet

    Once more I was lucky, picking the perfect day to go speedflying in Andermatt. I could complete a couple of flighs like the following one: click here for a screen filling version Your browser does not support the video tag.

  • Winter wonderland

    I picked a marvellous day to go speedflying in Andermatt. See for yourself:

  • One legged speed flying

    Today, I took a day off, to go to the Gemsstock for speed flying. It was almost as sunny as the forecast predicted. The cirrus became dense in the afternoon. Although the prevailing wind was north west, sometimes it blew down the slope, especially in the lower parts. But it was well within the comfort […]

  • Speedflying in Andermatt

    Finally we have snow, good weather and I could take a day off. So, I went to Andermatt, my favorite ski resort. I had the intention to do speedflying, paragliding and skiing, all on the same day. It was wonderfull! But see for yourself …