RepRap part 3: Ethernet connection

With the X and Z gears propperly glued, all axes moved. But it didn’t take long for the Z axis gear to break again. The gear that came with the kit was multilayered wood glued together and laser cut. The place where the belt is, is off the axle of the stepper motor. That’s obviously not a good combination. So I ordered an alloy gear from maedler. That came without a hole in the center. I didn’t have anything else then my hand drill available. Well it’s a bit more off center then I had hoped, but nut much worse than the laser cut wooden gears. And still, it works. So, all three axes work now. The ammount by what they move doesn’t seem right, so I’ll have to adjust some parameters still.

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RepRap Part 2 : It moves

It’s been a while since I assembled the Gen7 Electronic board and the extruder. I ordered the extruder together with the steppers from the Netherlands. The hot end v6 is a very nice design compared to the original, where you had to wrap the heating wire around the nozzle yourself. But it’s too big to fit through the hole of my wooden X-Axis sledge from the gffr kit. So, for the moment the extruder is tied to the X-sledge with a clamp.

When I assembled the electronics, I flashed the Teacup firmware onto it but I was never able to connect to it with the reprap host software on the computer. When I connected to it with a serial terminal, I saw a “0” about once a second.

Now after some months I found the time again to make some progress on my RepRap. Also ReplicatorG showed no sign of a successful connection. So I thought to be sure, I would flash the firmware again. But this time I didn’t succeed in doing so, not even with the ICS programmer. Looks like my avr suffered from a corrupted bootloader. That’s a known bug resulting from random operation during power down. Traumflug guided me through the process of flashing the bootloader on IRC. After that, flashing the firmware worked again. Traumflug also told me that neither the reprap host nor ReplicatorG are too well suited for operating with Teacup. He suggested to use printrun instead.

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RepRap Mendel Part1

My wive wanted to give me the first kit for a RepRap Mendel for Christmas. She was really sorry that the kit didn’t make it under the tree, as it was sold out. I was excited about the Project for more than a Year, but it was too expensive to just give it a go. Some of these projects that seem very interesting fade away with the time, or cheaper alternatives apear as it happened with the quadro copter, but the RepRap didn’t go out of my mind. So, Mirella gave me the first kit, and from here, I will build it step by step. Continue reading “RepRap Mendel Part1”