Future Projects

This page shall serve as a sort of a ToDo list, but not imperatively. Just a collection of Ideas that I want to investigate in the future.

  • RobotArm : Make my robot arm play chess. At first instructed moves, then with information about opponent’s moves, and finally with vision processing.
  • OpenCL : Take some algorithm that might be in our CAD,write it with OpenCL and hope it’s faster.
  • Flightpred : Integrate the OpenCL SVM and some NeuralNetwork as alternative learning engines.
  • SmartCard : Write some program with JavaSmartCard edition and put it on a SmartCard. Bonus if it’s possible (unlikely) to use an existing expired card (CreditCard, SIM, Health insurance or whatever…) to put something next to the original payload. link
  • Laser show : Project images by diverting the laser ray with fast moving mirrors. Not just the rotating flowers, but real geometric figures. Bonus : If the system is fast enough try playing videos. link link
  • Home automation : experiment with X11 or wireless options to switch lights with the smartphone.
  • OpenID : Authentication to http://flugbuch2.ulrichard.ch with OpenID, maybe using Wt’s new authentication module.
  • AtTiny : Experiment with the AtTiny maybe with solar panels or servos or I2C.
  • I2C @ Alix : One of my Alixes has an I2C Port that could be use to connect some devices. link
  • MSVC@linux :  Write a cmake toolchain to use the msvc compiler on linux, and debianize it.
  • Roomba : Flash a hacked firmware onto the roomba, and attach some linux device to control it.
  • GnuRadio : Experiment with software defined radio, preferrably without having to buy expensive hardware.
  • OsmocomBB : Install OsmocomBB on my Freerunner : http://bb.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/OpenMoko

In Progress: These are Projects that I started, but are not finished yet.

  • RobotArm : Working on the ROS integration

Older Projects: These Projects are either done, abandoned, inactive or they still run without much maintenance.

  • Beamer : Built a Beamer out of an overhead projector and a TFT Panel.
  • Flightpred : Predictions for good cross country flying days.
  • Flugbuch : Online flight log book for paraglider pilots.
  • Receptiongreet : Greets a visitor by name with voice output when a face was recognized.
  • AVRFID : Copied an RFID transponder with nothing more than an AtTiny microcontroller and a self wrapped coil.

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  1. Hello,

    I want to ask you – how you have converted your CAD Data to json or X3D?

    Actual my python script is not running – so I want to convert from dae (collada) directly to json.

    Have you an idea? Solutions?


    Kind Regards


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