A sink for the kids to play

When the new kitchen was installed in our camper, I didn’t throw everything of the old one away. Only the part with Mirella’s bad memories. I kept the faucet so that I could use it for the kids one day. Recently I exchanged the pump and the water tank. With the old parts I had almost everything I needed. The only things left to buy were a crate and a drain. Mirella gave me a bucket where I could drill a hole for the drain. Assembling it was easy, and Levin was lost in playing for hours…

Visited countries

A long time ago, I found a web service to visualize a map with all the countries you have visited. Now I finally figured out how to get it displayed in wordpress using the code-embed plugin.
Well, since we got kids, travelling is in hibernation mode, but we already have plans on where to go when the boys grow older.

So, here are the countries I visited:
The countries where I flew paraglider are red, the ones I only visited are blue.

My first night at a hospital

Last time I spent a night in a hospital was when I was born moren than 34 years ago. I was never looking forward to the next one.

But this weekend our son Levin hit the ground with his head really hard while playing. He cried badly, and the spot on his head that hit got swollen. We immediately went to the hospital with him. As we suspected, the doctors diagnosed a concussion, and wanted to keep him vor supervision for 24 hours. During the night he cried a couple of times, but because the nose was filled in. They woke him every hour to flash into his eyes with a torch. The next day he plays again as if nothing had happened.

So, my first night in hospital was not as bad …

v2.0 released (it's a boy)

Last saturday February12th, five minutes before the deadline (midnight) we received our second son Noah Lauro. Everything went well, and meanwhile the whole family is home again.