The Rise and Rise of BitCoin

As part of the Zürich Film Festival last week, they presented “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin“. I couldn’t make it to one of the screenings where the director and the main actor were present. The room was fully booked, which I noticed with delight. I didn’t learn too much from the film on the technical side, as I’ve been involved with the topic for some years. But it was interesting to get to know some of the famous players a bit better. The movie was not very technical, and that’s on purpose. It does a great job in explaining BitCoin to the average people, and maybe get them interested in the future of money.

To test my knowledge in the area of BitCoin and crypto currencies in general, I recently took the test for “Certified BitCoin Professional“. While most of the question are not that hard if you’ve been involved in BitCoin for some time, the time to answer is limited. You have to answer 75 questions in 20 minutes. So I forced myself into flow mode and gave the answers swiftly. After 16 minutes I hit submit on the last one, and was presented with “73 correct out of 75”. They won’t tell which ones were not correct, nor do they specify how many you need to get the certificate. Only the fee stops you from trying it over and over again. I’d be interested in your scores.

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