My grandfather

Yesterday, my grandfather passed away, roughly 40 days before his 95th birthday. After he suffered a first light stroke ten years ago, his condition slowly worsened. In the end he was not able to walk or eat on his own, and didn’t recognize anyone. But up to age 85, there was no sign of slowing. I sometimes went with him to his friends to assist, when he installed satellite tv receiver or video recorders, and explained them to his retired friends. He was a big fan of technology, as such he used photo and video cameras long before the people of the next generation started to do so. We recently watched a small documentary video he filmed in 1973. But what impressed me the most, was the self built radio that he demonstrated to me when I was a kid. He must have wound those coils in the first half of the last century, when radio waves were more like magic to most people.

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