Jaguar headliners repair

Remember the Asterix & Obelix comics, and that the only thing they feared was that heaven would fall on their heads? That happened to me lately. But it was not as bad as that might sound. Well, the joke doesn’t quite work in English. In German, we call the headliners of a car “heaven”. Last summer, when I had the power steering of my vintage Jaguar XJS repaired, the car was in the sun for a few weeks. Thus, the fabric on the inside of the roof loosened and hung down.

Now, I finally had it repaired. I found a holstery  in Goldau (kk-cabrio). To bring the price down a bit, and also out of interest, we agreed that I would take a day off, and help with the tedious parts. While Kuschj would do the more complicated stuff that requires experience not to break anything.

That worked out really well. I dismounted and mounted the misc stuff from the car, and helped with the headliners. To make sure the new fabric wouldn’t fall off again, I had to scrub off all the old glue from the pressed glass wool mold. Also the trims at the side of the roof got new fabric. There was a spot which had a hole, that was visible for all of the eleven years I have owned that car.

In the afternoon, we disassembled the passenger seat. It was in need of sewing on the side.

After everything is done, it’s now much more pleasant to sit into the old cat.

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