Fun with the canoe

Mirella and me started a new hobby after we could borrow the kayaks from a friend in Peru. He even helped us buy cheap Peruvian kayaks that we brought home in our camper. These kayaks are sit on top‘s. The kind that they rent to tourists. They are easy to operate and easy to climb back on top after you fell into the water. You can even carry sleeping bags or a small child with it. With the children growing, we thought about buying a Canoe. In Switzerland that type of boat is actually called “Kanadier”, while Kanu is a different type. Last year we had a good opportunity to buy a used one on a camp side in Austria. I didn’t even know that there are so light ones in this size. It offers room for three people and a lot of baggage, and it’s easy to carry around alone as well at putting it on the roof of our camper which is at 2.75 meters. It’s a sandwich construction with PE in the middle and glass fibre on the hull. A short while ago I had some fun trying to get back in from the water. It’s not as easy as with the sit on top kayaks.

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