CyanogenMod and Ubuntu on my Samsung Galaxy S

I wanted to install a real debian based linux distro and Cyanogen on my Android smartphone for a long time. First I was scared off by voiding the warranty on a new phone. But now it’s one and a half years old. And recently they announced that there will be no more firmware upgrades for my device.

First step was rooting. There are lots of tutorials and descriptions online. Most of them are way too compilcated. Effectively, you just have to find a rooted kernel suitable for your device, and then: Continue reading “CyanogenMod and Ubuntu on my Samsung Galaxy S”

packaging libboost compiled with llvm clang

I read many articles and posts over the last year or so, citing how great llvm clang is. On one side it shall have a static checker that makes lint redundant, and on the other side the optimizer has an -o4 where the -o3 shall be comparable to other optimizers. On top of that, compilation speed shall be really fast. And the part that makes it interesting for folks like Apple (who uses and contributes), is that it’s licensed under a BSD style license. What more could you want?

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