Helicopter flight around the Jungfrau

For my last birthday I got a helicopter flight, and now I wanted to make that flight before the gift certificate expires.Takeoff was in Gstegwiler near Interlaken, from where we slowly ascended passing the Männlichen to the Eiger north face. The ascend was with a constant 4 m/s climb rate, and I was not too impressed, as I flew around this area a couple of times with the paraglider. When we hovered in front of the north wall, I remembered how such a helicopter pushed me away from the wall some seven years ago. Paragliders have priority, as we’re less manouverable. It was strange for me to approach the wall head on, and then just hover. With regular aircraft that need the forward velocity (such as a paraglider) you can’t do that. When we climbed higher it got more interesting. Lots of new terrain. We saw some very interestingly built refuges. And of course the famous Jungfrau Joch from a new perspective. Also the glaciers towards the Wallis were very impressive. We flew very close to some rock walls and some glaciers. As we left the glaciers and descended along Mürren and Wengen, it felt like routine again as I’ve seen this landscape from the air a couple of times before.


The livetracking didn’t work so well.

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