Arduino code to interface the MS5607B Intersema barometric pressure sensor through i2c

It was not quite as easy as I anticipated to interface the MS5607B sensors that I had sitting around for quite some time now. Sure, wiring them up is a lot easier. Although I still don’t like soldering SMD.

In the end, it worked out, and the code can be downloaded with the links below.



The bad thing however is that the reduction in program code that I was hoping for didn’t happen. My ChopperRemote project uses an Arduino Bluetooth which has only about 15kB of storage for the programm (sketch). That was not enough to fit in all the communications and sensor readings that I already had plus the MS5607C sensor. The Code to read the sensor used about 7kB alone. So I hoped with the i2c interface that would reduce. Now it didn’t! So I thought for holding the altitude, the Helicopter doesn’t need to know the height in cm. But could use the pressure directly and treat it as if it was linear. Lets see, how that works out…

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  1. I see the links to the IntersemaBaro.h and Variometer.pde are no longer active. Is there a link where I could find them?

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