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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Targeted advertising

It was about two months ago when I first noticed an advertisement on some random web page that contained an image of a vintage Jaguar XJS. It was not exactly the same model as I have, but very close. Judging form the bumpers and trims it also seems to be a HE (High Efficiency), as … Continue reading »

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After a long pause, I just started attending a MOOC again. It’s on Coursera, from Princeton and it’s about BitCoin. In one of the first lectures the teacher goes through some simple hypothetical digital coin concepts. I don’t know if the lectures are publicly available piecewise, but as a whole they are at youtube. Jump … Continue reading »

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When VISA doesn’t work

I used to order stuff from dealextreme on a regular basis over the last few years. Like many other customers I asked them to accept BitCoin payments. But that didn’t happen so far. So we are left with the payment options from the last century for the time being. It used to work acceptably so … Continue reading »

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