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Monthly Archives: July 2012

machine learning class

Another one of these incredibly interesting online classes came to an end. Machine learning was one of the first two classes that started last fall. As I thought to make AI and ML in parallel would be too much, I decided for AI with the intention to make ML later. The second round of ML … Continue reading »

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Harley Davidson gathering in Brunnen

This weekend was Harley Davidson gathering here in Brunnen. I’m not so much into motorcycles, but I saw some incredibly cool looking bikes. There were a lot of bikes from all over Switzerland, as well as lots from the surrounding countries, and I even saw a bike with a Russian number plate. Saturday they had … Continue reading »

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Raspberry Pi – at last

The raspberry pi, for those living under a rock, is the $25 linux pc that was announced big almost a year ago. It has a 700Mhz ARM CPU, 256MB RAM and an OpenGL ES capable GPU. To enable hardware hacking it comes with lots of GPIO pins. All in all about the performance of a … Continue reading »

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Correcting the date in the EXIF meta data of a jpeg image

Lots of cameras have a wrong date configured. Mine is even worse: It has a dead internal battery, so it looses the date and time every time I turn it off. When you take a picture, the wrong date is saved to the meta data tags of the resulting photographs. Afterwards, you import them with … Continue reading »

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installing ros on a bifferboard

I wanted the robot arm to be a bit autonomous from the computer, and I thought the bifferboard should be powerful enough to drive it. So I wanted to install ROS onto it. My bifferboard runs debian squeeze, and that means it’s not just a matter of installing the packages as with ubuntu. There is … Continue reading »

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recovering files from a repurposed harddrive

Recently, I was searching for a bunch of photographs on all of my harddisks, and couldn’t find them. I know they had been there on the old notebook and on the old computer, and I thought I had copied them over. I could also not find them on any of my backup harddisks. Neither could … Continue reading »

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