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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Robot arm part 2 : ROS connection

As the name implies, ROS is not just another library to get familiar with. It is an operating system for robots. That is also quite different to a traditional operating system. As I didn’t want to learn a whole bunch of stuff first, I learn about the concepts and facilities as I move along. After … Continue reading »

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Optimizing compile time of a large C++ project

The codebase of our PointLine CAD is certainly quite large. sloccount calculated roughly  770’000 lines of C++ code. I know, this is not a very good metric to describe a project, but it gives an idea. Over time the compile time steadily increased. Of course we also added a lot of new stuff to the product. … Continue reading »

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OpenCL First Steps

There is an increasing noise about GPGPU computing and how much faster than CPU (even parallel) it is. If you didn’t hear about all that, GPGPU is about using the computer’s graphics card(s) to do general purpose computations. The key to the performance lies in the parallel architecture of these devices. From what I read, … Continue reading »

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